What is the Best Treatment for Acne

Having acne is a bothersome and annoying. There are different cases of acne problems some of it are mild, severe or genetically passed down to us by our parents, in other cases it keeps popping one after another. If you are looking for ways to get rid of acne, here are some and remedies that can help you restore your spotless complexion

Acne is composed of dead skin cells and oil that stuck in your pores. Eventually the bacteria inside the pores spread and your pores begin to swell up. Acne is very common that we all get acne mostly at the age of 13 – 35 years old. It appears randomly anywhere in your body but mostly pops out on the face. Mild to serious cases of acne needs medication with severe cases needing stronger medicines or a combination of therapies. Sometimes your doctor will combine treatments to get the best results. Most of these treatments for acne takes months before you can clear up your blemishes. It commonly takes 7 to 10 weeks for acne to progress after you start the treatment. Some treatments may cause acne to get worse before it gets better. Well it’s pretty irritating when the acne itches and then you start scratching it and bleeds. This can lead to scarring and or infection.

Here are some tips to fight acne

First by looking at your balanced diet if you eat proper nutritious foods it can help reduce the production of oil in your sebaceous gland.

Regularly change your beddings and pillow cases. Why? Because even in your sleep you produce oil and dead skin cells fall off to your pillow cases. This will come in contact with your face and cause acne.

Gently wash your skin with natural soap because some other dermal soap are strong and can damage your skin. Don’t rub it roughly and pat it when drying.

Using skin a moisturizer will help you keep your skin smooth and silky. I prefer a natural moisturizer like olive oil, avocado or honey. If pimple pops up use aloe vera gel, turmeric or egg whites. When it comes to natural facial cleanser you can use egg whites, lemons, apple cider vinegar or vinegar it helps tighten pores and reduce acne irritation. I hope this solves your problem in fighting acne better to treat it from the beginning and prevent acne cysts which are very painful and can cause massive scarring.